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great location for accessing outdoor activities

Gateway to Pelorus Sound, Okiwi Bay, French Pass & Mount Richmond Forest Park

walking, tramping, biking, kayaking, sailing, boating, hunting & fishing

Mt Barrett Walkway in Rai Valley - track links the Rai Valley Anzac Memorial with the Mt Richmond Estate via Mt Barrett. An arboretum at Mt Richmond Estate was planted in the late 1930s by the staff of the former New Zealand Forest Service.

Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve walking tracks, only 8 km from Rai Valley. Explore the forest and riverbanks, several walks and great swimming in the river.

Pelorus Sound enjoy water activities or explore the tracks in the area.

Nydia Track is a 2-day tramping or 5-8 hr mountain biking track. It passes through lush coastal and regenerating forest, climbs two saddles with superb views and crosses farmland.

French Pass and D'Urville Island Scenic Reserves

Mt Richmond Forest Park spans several regions and comprises most of the steep native forest-covered mountain country between Nelson and Blenheim.

There are plenty of biking opportunities starting from Rai Valley and mountain bike tracks nearby.
Including the famous Epic Day Ride : Rai Valley - Opouri Road to Penzance - Archer track to Elaine Bay - Okiwi Bay - back to the Rai via the Ronga Road.
Explore biking trails in the top of the South Island.

Nydia Track

This track crosses the Kaiuma and Nydia Saddles and follows the sheltered shoreline of historic Nydia Bay. Formed by linking old bridle paths, it meanders through a variety of forests, some scrubland and farmland. The 27-kilometre Nydia Track is classified as a tramping track and is also open for mountain biking.
It is well defined, though rough, narrow and uneven in places.
It is a track suitable for those who are reasonably fit; boots are recommended.
Some of the streams are not bridged and will require care after rain.

Mountain Biking

This is a bike ride for those who like a challenge. The track is quite technical and rough, with many rocks and roots to negotiate. In wet weather it is very slippery and best not attempted.
The track is best ridden from the Tennyson Inlet end. Allow 5 to 8 hr; longer if you don't have transport to both road ends.
A popular addition to the ride is to start from the top of the Opouri saddle and ride the Opouri Bridle Track for an extra bit of technical downhill and warm up for the main event.
This is a shared-use track so think of the other users.

View from Mt Barret walkway

Tennyson Inlet

Nydia track