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The Woolly Sisters

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woolly sisters sheepUniquely hand crafted products using wool from the cutest sheep in the world.

The Woolly Sisters little boutique wool business came about from Lynley’s love of sheep and Carrie’s love of crocheting and knitting. Our mother taught us from an early age how to knit, Crochet and sew and we have continued to make use of these skills all our lives.

blister blockersThe wool in our Blister Blockers, felt items, carded and spun wool and most of our crochet items come from Lynley’s flock of Valais Blacknose Sheep, the friendliest and cutest sheep in the world.

Introducing our first product: BLISTER BLOCKERS.
This is a natural alternative to protect your feet from those nasty blisters. Just pull off the required amount and place in your socks where your feet rub. The wool will draw the moisture away from your skin and prevent rubbing that causes blisters and sore feet. There is enough in one pack for 6 to 10 uses.

woolIf you would like to order any products please email: